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Posted by:stomponthis
Subject:Wardriving Equipment
Date:22:12:08 09/05/2010

> Hello,
> I am in the final stage of my master's after some time off. My professor wants me to make a wardriving setup. Can you guys/gals recommend some hardware that are easy to setup. I guess I need:
> 1. GPS Receiver
> 2. Card with antenna socket
> 3. Antenna
> 4.Tools
> But what brand and where to buy?
> OOzy

Hey OOzy,

First thing, there are so many different configurations for a WarDriving setup. I have done a similar study for uni, doing a WarDriving survey of a specific area and presented statistical data of network encryption used (None, WEP, WPA).

The set up I used:

Asus EEE PC 900HD (any laptop will do)

Backtrack 4 Operating System
-- Kismet is installed by default, but recommend updating it to at least the latest stable version, 2010-01-R1.

Afla AWUS036H Wireless USB adaptop
--arguably the best makers of wireless adapters, has external SMA antenna connector and comes with a small omni-directional antenna. They have great signal strength and will allow you to discover more wireless networks. They also come in a variety of models, they have newer 802.11n adapters, plus ranging power from 500mW to 1000mW, so heaps of power. My adapter works out of the box on Backtrack 4, although some may require you to install drivers (if they are available).

-- you definitely want a omni-directional antenna so you discover wireless networks from all directions. Beware - lots of people sell (especially on auction sites) terrible wireless antennas that don't really get the stated signal strength gain. So stick with a branded antenna, I think mine is from HyperLink Technologies.

As far as GPS goes, I have never used it, as I had a specific survey area. Also plotting the wireless networks on a map was disregarded from my study, due to possible ethical/legal issues of my published research of other peoples wireless networks. I have read that many people used Garmin GPS units, and others who tether their cell phones to the laptop to achieve GPS.

Also, much has changed since WarDriving became popular. So stick to more recent literature available. "Kismet Hacking" is a good book, though a little older now. As far as ease of setting up such a configuration, it does take some time and research, and depends on the hardware you purchase.

Hope that helped you out a bit =D

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