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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Compiling problems :(
Date:18:23:26 05/05/2010

> > That's also very weird. Maybe your $TERM variable is being messed up. It ought to work out-of-the-box on OSX terminal. Try setting TERM to xterm or something, or maybe your ncurses terminal definitions are screwed up. It's not interpreting escape codes properly.
> Well, here's some more fun. I was sick of it so I just formatted my disk (needed to anyway) and reinstalled OS x, then xcode and a couple other things, and tried again. Configuring/compiling/installing was a breeze, but the arrow key issues are still there.
> All I did after installing was copy some files, software update, and install microsoft office, ilife, and itunes. Any idea what could be breaking it?

What terminal are you trying to use?

I just built the latest Kismet on snow leopard and using apples default terminal app everything works just fine - $TERM is set to xterm-color by default.


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