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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Compiling problems :(
Date:13:00:06 04/05/2010

> Ah—you were right, I reinstalled xcode and it worked.
> Now, new problem: I can't use the arrow keys to navigate. If I hit any arrow key when typing (for example, in the "startup options" field when starting a server) it types "0A" "0B "0C" or "0D" (depending on which one I hit). That isn't really a problem, but I can't navigate within the program. If I'm looking at the networks it's found and hit an arrow key, it just highlights/unhighlights "kismet" in the menu at the top.
> Any suggestions? Hahah although I can't actually USE kismet yet, it sure looks like it's working very nicely.

That's also very weird. Maybe your $TERM variable is being messed up. It ought to work out-of-the-box on OSX terminal. Try setting TERM to xterm or something, or maybe your ncurses terminal definitions are screwed up. It's not interpreting escape codes properly.

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