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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:wlan-ng (prism2_usb) in newcore
Date:14:23:27 03/05/2010

> The wlan-ng source type(s) have been removed in newcore. Not terribly unexpected considering it's basically been completely superseded by hostap.. but it's still the only option if you happen to be using the prism2_usb driver in staging.
> Would there be any possibility of re-addition in the future?

Probably not - I have no hardware which supports it anymore and it was actually a pretty major security problem I had no way to solve, since it involved calling external binaries as root.

I *think* there has been work to merge a prism2 usb driver into the kernel, hasn't there?

If you're really interested, you could re-add it as a plugin, though there might be some shenanigans about privsep preventing you from calling the control binaries.

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