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Posted by:AtoMiCc4
Subject:IDS Alert "Problem"
Date:17:50:27 04/04/2010


I'm trying to get Kismet to generate an alert, i have attempted to do this by enabling "Probenojoin" and just waiting for some false positives so popup, no luck so far!

I have also attacked my own "Server" (VMWare'd ubuntu server) & my workstation with Disassociation packets using Aireplay, sent around 100. This also failed to produce an alert. Is there something i have missed, such as a command to enable the Alerts?

I think i may be enabling the monitor mode on my wireless card incorrectly, i have enabling it using "airmon-ng start wlan0". This creates "mon0", which i am using to capture packets. Everything appears to be funcationing correctly however.

Thanks in Advance


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