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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Does kismet work on MAC OS X 10.6.2 ( ??? )
Date:21:00:03 29/03/2010

> I cannot get it up running without an error message:
> Darwin source en1: Failed to set channel 3: The operation couldnt be completed. (APPLE80211_ERROR_DOMAIN error -3930.)

There are bugs in (for lack of a better place to blame) the apple API. This error is undocumented.

Find out what it means and I'll try to fix it.

Sometimes Snow Leopard works fine. Sometimes it doesn't work, then starts working. Sometimes it fails to work, ever.

There is some sort of undocumented state which affects the card. Apple has chosen not to share what this is.

Don't use snow leopard / OSX if you want reliable sniffing at this point. There should be some livecds with support for the apple hardware under linux.

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