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Posted by:frank82vt
Subject:kismet_ui.conf kismet newcore bactrack4final problem
Date:14:27:38 21/03/2010

> > > Hello guys
> > > 1)a.-The kismet newcore preinstalled in my backtrack 4 final release doesnt have the file kismet_ui.conf in nowhere :eek:.
> > > 4)Finally the question is how can i solve this problem any suggestion?
> > > i need edit that file to configure the panels and other advance features in kismet. Thanks for your time.
> >
> > You didn't make any attempt to read the readme, did you.
> >
> > - Preferences
> >
> > Configuration of the Kismet UI is done entirely inside the UI via the
> > 'Kismet->Preferences->...' menus. Preference changes are (for the most
> > part) immediate and do not require restarting.
> >
> > Newcore operates significantly differently.
> >
> > Please read the documentation on how to install and configure it.
> 1)Thanks for response so fast. I'm Peruvian,
> Well I dyscover linux whit backtrack distribution since 2 months ago therefore the inexperience.I dyscover your program 3 days ago, and read specially your README fyle,kismet forums, the backtrack 4 forums,google advance search, and some pdf tutorials quite nice. Well I´d succcesfully use kismet whit my Tplink 651G chipset atheros whit driver ath5k (stack mac80211).
> 2)My last supposition of kismet_ui.conf comes from the book
> Kysmet Hacking (Brad Haines Frank Thornton)
> URL:
> In the page 106 there fig4.18 there is a "Modified Network List Window"
> whitch shows the noise leves. this "Modified Network List Window" is my objetive.
> 3)In that case. If actually no longer possible to configure the ui from the kismet_ui.conf. then how can i configure the ui to get that:
> signalbar Graphical representation of signal strength
> snrbar Graphical representation of signal-to-noise ratio
> and other features that are not in the default ui.
> Thanks.

Sorry the correct URL of book Kysmet Hacking (Brad Haines Frank Thornton) mencioned is

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