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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet IDS on Fonera
Date:19:39:33 16/03/2010

> > What version is out of date? I am using de latest version I think
> > Thanks

See the download page, news, etc for the latest version (2010-01). I can tell from your config pastes that you're using one from 2008. It is definitely not the latest version.

> I comment de lines of kismet.conf and kismet_server continues scanning networks. Also I put the lines with false value and I obtain de same result. What have I do to kismet no scan networks and only works at IDS?

Having no idea what lines you commented out or set to false, I can't help you. Read the documentation for logtypes if you want to prevent it from logging some types of logs. Kismet will ALWAYS scan. That's the whole point of a wireless IDS: Scanning to see what is going on.


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