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Posted by:pchristy
Subject:LibUSB (again!)
Date:17:20:18 13/03/2010

I had a visit from my son today, who is a professional programmer. I got him to cast an eye over the errors and suggest a solution.

In the file wispy_hw_dbx.c, at line 692 is a statement:

usb_debug = 1024;

This is the line that was causing the error!

Adding an int to the start of the line, so that it now reads:

int usb_debug = 1024;

got it to compile perfectly. It even runs, as well!!!


However, he expressed some puzzlement as the usb_debug appears to be defined in line 684:

extern int usb_debug;

However, for some reason, this define isn't "taking"!

The whole chunk from line 684 onwards now reads:

extern int usb_debug;

int wispydbx_usb_open(wispy_phy *phydev) {
int pid_status;
struct usb_dev_handle *wispy;
wispydbx_usb_aux *auxptr = (wispydbx_usb_aux *) phydev->auxptr;
wispydbx_startsweep startcmd;

int usb_debug = 1024;

and now compiles and runs perfectly!



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