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Posted by:jfisch
Subject:Update: Guidance on 802.11a/b/g/n cards known to work with kismet-newcore?
Date:08:40:34 09/03/2010

> Hi,
> I'm looking to get a new network card and trying to make sure it would work with kismet-newcore. I've gone through the documentation but only see various capture sources listed for a/b/g but not n. Earlier it lists that drivers for RT28xx are okay and ath5k/ath9k, but there are issues, little or no support for other drivers. And know I need to find the card supports monitor mode.
> Looks like Atheros ar5416 would work (ath9k), but not Intel 4965 since read it uses ndis drivers. There is also Ralink RT2860 or higher but in process of verifying what drivers they'd be using. Appreciate any updated information or guidance on what other cards might work with kismet-newcore.
> Also don't know if there is any bearing on which card I choose in order to dump ppi format (thinking have to look whether driver reports radiotap info)
> Thanks for any help!

Oops -- Intel 4965 uses mac80211 subsystem and iwlwifi driver in 2.6.24+ kernel, but kismet-newcore notes on mac80211 are undergoing devel and can be unstable. Its the Linksys WPC600N Dual-Band Wireless-N Notebook Adapter that uses ndisgtk which I don't think would work with kismet-newcore.

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