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Posted by:pchristy
Subject:LibUSB (again!)
Date:11:16:13 06/03/2010

Slackware-current has now upgraded to LibUSB-1.0.6.

Now that even this most conservative of distros is abandoning the old LibUSB-0.1, is it time for a rethink on supporting the 1.0.X series?

I have the 0.1 compatibility libraries loaded, but Spectools still refuses to compile. Configure now accepts that LibUSB is present (which it didn't previously):

checking usb.h usability... yes
checking usb.h presence... yes
checking for usb.h... yes
checking for usb_init in -lusb... yes

but make exits with an error:

wispy_hw_dbx.o: In function `wispydbx_usb_open':
/home/pchristy/build/spectools/wispy_hw_dbx.c:692: undefined reference to `usb_debug'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [spectool_raw] Error 1

This is the latest svn version.

I've only got the very original WiSPY, and looking at that error message, it might be referring to newer hardware (dbx???). If so is there anyway to stop it trying to build for more recent hardware? This might just get me up and running again!



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