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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:FIFO named pipe option?
Date:04:39:53 18/02/2010

> I'm using Kismet 2010-01-R1 to capture wireless traffic in order to demo H.323 vulnerabilities, and I would like to use the Kismet FIFO config option to pipe the output of Kismet and open the pipe with Wireshark for live display of captured H.225 packets.
> The problem I've encountered is that the fifo=/foo/bar config option seems not to work anymore. Has the config directive changed? (Or -gasp- has the feature been removed?)
> Thanks.
> tl;dr: How do I do FIFO named pipes in 2010-01-R1?

This got phased out in favor of the tuntap option - turn that on, and you'll get a virtual NIC w/ the packets, which you can connect/disconnect/attach multiple programs to at once/etc.

All the good and none of the bad of the fifo pipe.

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