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Posted by:Krellan
Subject:Setuid installation fails to work from regular user account under Snow Leopard
Date:00:37:05 18/02/2010

> Hi. I'm trying to make a setuid installation of kismet-2010-01-R1 under Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro. It compiles and installs OK, as far as I can tell. It appears to work if I run it as root, but when I run it under my regular user account it fails at the point where it tries to enable promiscuous mode, with the following error message:
> FATAL: Darwin source en1: Failed to set interface en1 Up+Promisc:
> SetIFFlags: interface en1: Operation not permitted

I have exactly the same problem. Everything starts up OK, then when it prompts to add the interface and I enter "en1", the permissions aren't carried through.

No solution, as of yet, other than the ugly workaround of running the entire thing as root with "sudo kismet". That seems to work fine.

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