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Posted by:jwpjr
Subject:Reporting Signal Strength and SNR
Date:16:25:49 04/02/2010

Hey all,

I'm trying to get Kismet to report the Signal Strength and SNR, however, I am not successful at doing so.

First, when I go to the "Windows" menu, I cannot select the (Network Details...) option, which apparently would let me turn these two options on. for some reason, I can only select the last three options (channel details, gps details, and alerts) from the six total choices.

Also, I've heard that the Signal Strength and SNR are bottlenecks because the wireless card cannot produce accurate numbers. Does anyone know whether or not this is true? If so, is there any known way that I can (using any sort of application/gps/etc, even those other than kismet) get an accurate representation of SNR and sig strength to discover rogue access points?


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