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Posted by:DigiAngel
Subject:Question on Kismet Client pane
Date:18:10:55 02/02/2010

Hey all,

Need some doc or pointer or something to help out with what I _think_ is the client pane. I get to it like so:

From the main application, sort by channel
arrow down and select an SSID, and hit enter

It's at this point I see client associated with the SSID yes? My questions is what exactly are the Wired/AP entries? In my setup I have:

An AP SSID of test
3 clients that are associated (these show up green)
8 other Wired/AP entries, only one of which is the AP (these show up blue)

In the 8 other Wired/AP MACs I see the MAC of the wired side of the AP, as well as a couple MAC's of other devices going through the switch that the AP is plugged into. Are these broadcasts or something that Kismet is seeing? It's very interesting. As an aside, sometimes I hit enter on one of the associated, and all it's information comes up. Then...after sometimes just a few minutes, the pane will switch to a difference device on it's own. Not sure what that's about. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give.


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