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Posted by:bofh77
Subject:Questions about channel hopping and dwell time
Date:14:24:21 23/01/2010

> > I have from what i can tell an unique situation. I have 3 wireless cards running in kismet under Slackware 12.2. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about fine tuning these cards for best wireless coverage.
> If you start them all at the same time, Kismet will make a fairly intelligent guess and split them up so they're not hopping on the same channels.
> If you want spectrum coverage, hop all three.
> If you want to try to capture more data while having a good idea of what's going on around you, set one to dwell at 2 seconds a channel or something, and hop the other two.
> Play around and see what gets you the kind of coverage you want.
> -m

Thanks for the suggestions. I was playing around to see if I could get all three cards and when I did I ran into a situation of "Ok, now what do i do??" :) Thanks again and if you think of anything else interesting I could do with them let me know. I'm always up for something interesting to try out.

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