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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Compile just the drone for Newcore
Date:19:39:53 15/01/2010

> I'm trying to load the drone from Newcore on a WRT54G router with DD-WRT. I can't find any binaries of the new code anywhere, so I'm going to try to compile it myself.
> Can I make just the drone portion? I'm running the server and UI on another box.
> Thanks

Yes, you'll need to bypass ncurses in the configure stage, then just do make kismet_drone to compile only that.

I just noticed the makefile is lacking kismet_capture as a dependency on the drone, but on an embedded platform I suggest you just ignore it anyhow and run drone as root. The capture handoff will consume CPU and RAM you don't have an abundance of, and you're generally not doing full privsep on an embedded system anyhow.


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