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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Spectools plugin on Snow Leopard fails to compile
Date:03:42:25 14/01/2010

> Ah..and so it does :) I think my Kismet setup is now pretty wild...Kismet compiled on OS X using the built in nic, spectools plugin compiles on OS X, then spectools_net running on Backtrack in VirtualBox as the server. Tried to use Eaiku, but I kept getting a can't find sentinel error..whatever that means ;) Thanks for the heads up Dragon.

It means the protocol isn't syncing - the sentinel is a placeholder value that it can use to figure out that it's at the right point in the stream.

Means they must have implemented something differently, I'll talk to metageek and see what they say & if they had to do any workarounds to support the eaiku output.

Sounds like a fun setup. :)


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