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Posted by:john
Subject:GPS Data
Date:13:10:42 08/01/2010

> > Hello again,
> >
> > I need to synchronize the captured packets with the gps data, packets are analyzed and filtered with Wireshark. But GPS data (gpsxml file) proves to be a very big file (about 100MB).
> > I can't open or import this file into my database.
> >
> > The aim is to use the timestamp to match packet data with gps data. When the file is not so heavy I have no problems.
> There is work being done on a PPI extension for GPS. There's been some thrash in the implementations, it won't be in the next release of Kismet (2010-01-R1 coming soon) but it'll most likely all be resolve in the release after that, so GPS information can be embedded per-packet in the PPI pcap file.
That would be fantastic, I would save some work for my purpose. Unfortunately I have no time to wait. Perhaps for future work. Thanks anyway, all you are doing a great job.

> GPS only has ~1s precision, so just take any packets in the time slots between last gps packet and assign that gps location.
> >
> > Anyone know if there is any way to divide the gpsxml file or some form of convert to another format such as cvs.
> It's XML, run it through whatever XML parser you'd like and dump it out as whatever format you want.

Yes, that's what I've finally done, because of post-processing is not real time

> Both GPS and Pcap are serial. If you're post-processing, then just read them incrementally and export the gps-tagged packet data as you go, size of the files shouldn't matter since you only need to know about one frame of each at the time. You don't even have to, technically, make a xml parser for gpsxml, just hack up something that scans it. it's not the best idea, but for quick and dirty, it'd work.

Thanks once again for your help

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