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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Transmit and sniff with the same wireless card
Date:15:52:02 04/01/2010

> I need to transmit and sniff packets at the same time, only with a wireless card.
> To do this, I make use of a virtual interface. The problem is that I am not able to sniff retransmitted packets.


> I know that Kismet is sniffing packets before they are transmitted to the medium but could tell me someone where or when (in which layer) are sniffed the packets.

Not really. They go into the skb, anything watching that interface sees it, then they vanish into the mac80211 queues and schedulers and eventually out the radio. It is impossible to sniff the packet leaving the radio with the same radio.

> The packet retransmissions are done in the MAC layer, it could be possible that kismet sniffs the packets before.

They're also done in the firmware with many devices.

See above - you cannot sniff the packets as they go onto the air, from the same device putting them on the air.


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