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Posted by:DigiAngel
Subject:Spectools plugin on Snow Leopard fails to compile
Date:19:12:13 02/01/2010

> Snow Leopard in general doesn't work particularly well for rfmon, reasons unknown as the apple API error codes appear to be completely undocumented. I've also heard that the latest SL drivers break things even more, so until I hear different, I tend to consider snow leopard to be irreparably broken and essentially EOL as far as kismet goes. Tests appear to indicate it works flawlessly about 15% of the time, the rest of the time some unknown internal state prevents monitor mode from functioning.
> -m

Thanks Dragon...this is the latest svn (Jan 1st 2010) on 10.6.2 on a base MacBook Pro 2009. So far it's worked flawlessly besides the plugins (KisMAC is ok, but eh...just must have Kismet in order to really get down to the nitty gritty). I do have an install of just normal Leopard on it as well, so I can bounce between them. If anyone has any tests they'd like me to run feel free to leave a message on this post and I'll run what I can.

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