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Posted by:raven
Subject:Issue with Kismet and OSX Snow Leopard
Date:17:15:30 29/12/2009

Not surprised with the way Apple is dealing with all this. However, I did come across some example code that might give some insight into their API. Look up 'CoreWLANWirelessManager' under macdev. There they use setchannel calls among other useful calls as well. Why do we have to hunt for this shit? Why can't they just document everything like normal people?

Excerpt from their example:
- (IBAction)changeChannel:(id)sender
NSError *err = nil;
BOOL result = [self.currentInterface setChannel:[[NSNumber numberWithInt:[[[channelPopup selectedItem] title] intValue]] unsignedIntegerValue] error:&err];
if( !result )
[[NSAlert alertWithError:err] runModal];
[self updateInterfaceInfoTab];

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