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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Problems viewing ftp data when I connect GPS receiver
Date:15:55:51 17/12/2009

> Hi everyone,
> I have a network with three nodes. Each node sniffs network packets with Kismet. I send an FTP file from one node to other in the network. Later, I open the capture with Wireshark and I can see the ftp packets and all information.
> Now I do the same test but I also connect a GPS receiver to each node. Kismet will give me the position of each node whenever it captures a packet. But when I open the capture with Wireshark, I can only see packets with IEEE 802 protocol and unrecognized frames.

I can't recreate this w/ drones.

I suggest making sure you're using the latest release (2009-11) or SVN, as both fix some logging errors.


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