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Posted by:brycenut
Subject:How are GPS "Best" values calculated?
Date:22:10:37 16/12/2009

I've read the source (but I'm not a coder really, and only kind of followed it), and searched the web, and can't seem to come up with a definitive answer. I'm wondering how the GPSBestLat, GPSBestLon & GPSBestAlt values are calculated. They appear to be more than a simple average, but I can't see how they'd be truly triangulated values, since the observation point is one moving vehicle in a more-or-less straight line.

I'm trying to determine whether the "Best" values would be better values to use than the min or max values when plotting the positions for a study I'm working on. It may simply be a matter of consistently using one or the other, but I'd appreciate a little more insight.

The observations were mostly taken by version 2008.05.01, and some with 2007.10.1, and a few with a 2005 or 2006 version, if there's a difference in how the calculation was performed.

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