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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:As promised, Unix-domain socket support
Date:19:06:16 14/12/2009

> Oops. Correct one is
> > > This patch adds support for unix-domain socket server.
> > >
> > > I tested it with my own plugin - it works so far.
> >
> > wrong link.
> >
> > -m

Merged, with some changes -

- trying to use spaces not tabs everywhere, :retab'd and fixed > 80char lines
- switched default ringbuf size define to UNIX_... to prevent collisions in anything including both tcp and unix headers
- threw in a warning in comments about using this in a root binary that could ever accept the socket path from non-root input, since it calls unlink()
- switched all the error reporting to direct _MSG calls (yeah, not your fault, I know the tcp server code uses errstr and inject instead of the MSG macro, it's older code.)


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