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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Cisco Wireless Devices show up on multiple channels?
Date:15:23:28 05/12/2009

> I was testing out Kismet on my laptop and a test AP, and in the area is a place that has one of those CISCO WiFi's that point you to and some ask you for email others just ask you to hit accept.
> Does anyone know if these devices just listen on channel 1, 6, and 11 or more channels or what's going on with them.
> I tried looking up CISCO Wireless devices but can't seem to find much information on them as to why I'm finding them on multiple channels.
> Another question, Kismet nicely follows test networks because they stay on one channel, but how would you properly follow a network that has 3 channels?
> I know you probably could do a channel hop telling Kismet only 3 channels, but that seems like you would miss things here and there.
> Is this a security measure so networks can't be followed as easily or just for convince of wireless clients?

I think you're confusing APs with logical networks.

An AP is on one channel. Always. It can change these channels, but a single radio is on a single channel. A dual-radio AP will have 2 mac addresses.

For multi-ap networks that support roaming, all the APs are on different channels and happen to work together, but from the physical level there's nothing special about them - kismet is tracking at the BSSID level.

If you want to monitor 3 channels at once, you need 3 cards tuned to 3 channels, or you need to accept the loss incurred in channel hopping - you won't see traffic on other channels.

Some enterprise gear can dynamically select channels to avoid interference, in which case you'd see one BSSID moving between channels. This won't happen that often though, so I doubt that's what you're seeing here.


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