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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Signal Strength
Date:16:29:20 04/12/2009

> I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere before, but I cannot find a definitive answer.
> In the Kismet log, there is a column labeled "BestSignal." Is this a measurement of the received signal strength in dbm? I am using the Intel 3945ABG wireless adapter. I presume since this value is negative, this is a dbm reading and not an RSSI value, but I am not certain. The range of values is from -93 to -13.

It's whatever the card reports.

If it's negative, yeah, it's probably dbm. I've seen cards report negative "RSSI" too, however.

-13 is pretty much totally invalid, so you've got another case of "your drivers suck, signal strength is worthless." Maybe a newer version of the drivers will report saner values.


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