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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:More general spectool_gtk queries
Date:15:39:19 04/12/2009

> Um, silly UI questions time ...
> On the Planar View, what are the units on the monitor box to the right for Cur, Avg, Max on the selected frequencies? I'm seeing e.g. 108,99,140, for (roughly) -83, -80 and -60 dBm respectively.

Because it started showing raw RSSI instead of signal levels. Fixed in svn.

> What would the Add and Del buttons do if they weren't greyed out?

Add and remove markers. Removed from SVN.

> And if I type something (with one of the monitor lines highlighted), it appears in a text box down at the bottom right. Does it do anything with what I typed? Or is it just a UI/GTK funny?

GTK thinks you should be able to type to select a row in a list. It's not useful in this situation but I don't know of any way to make it stop doing it.


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