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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Topo view in spectool_gtk displays only half of 5 GHz band
Date:02:59:28 04/12/2009

> > I definitely can't recreate this here - i'm doing heavy traffic on 149 and it's
> > showing up accurately in both graphs... Maybe it's something I've since fixed
> > in SVN (about time to do a new release I think, too).
> OK, I've loaded the latest, and it's still doing it. I've taken a screen shot; it's at
> Note the (local) traffic on Ch. 36. Smaller bumps at Ch. 52 and around 5400 MHz. There are corresponding bumps on the Topo View but spread to the right.
> Moving my local traffic to the top of the band makes it disappear from the Topo View.

OK you were right. Found it and nailed it (took 2 hours, one line fix). Fix is in SVN now, give it a try.

(If you care - it only extracted the # of samples from the first range, not the current range, on multi-range devices)


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