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Posted by:donnz
Subject:Topo view in spectool_gtk displays only half of 5 GHz band
Date:01:41:04 04/12/2009

> I definitely can't recreate this here - i'm doing heavy traffic on 149 and it's
> showing up accurately in both graphs... Maybe it's something I've since fixed
> in SVN (about time to do a new release I think, too).

OK, I've loaded the latest, and it's still doing it. I've taken a screen shot; it's at

Note the (local) traffic on Ch. 36. Smaller bumps at Ch. 52 and around 5400 MHz. There are corresponding bumps on the Topo View but spread to the right.

Moving my local traffic to the top of the band makes it disappear from the Topo View.

-- don

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