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Posted by:donnz
Subject:Topo view in spectool_gtk displays only half of 5 GHz band
Date:00:48:54 04/12/2009

> > I'm using the a Wi-Spy DBx on 5 GHz with spectools-2009-06-R1, under Fedora 11. Running spectools_gtk, the Topo View seems to display only half of the band shown in the Spectral View and Planar View windows, i.e. the peaks that appear on the latter two windows appear twice as wide on the Topo View, and if they're on the upper (right hand) half, not at all.
> I can't seem to recreate this - try the svn code and see if it's still happening? What are you seeing to make you think it's only drawing part of the graph - are the channel numbers cutting off early, etc?

They just don't line up -- if I create some activity on ch. 36, for example, you see a peak on the Planar View, and a stripe forms on the Spectral View, in more or less the same place horizontally, but the corresponding lump on the Topo View appears larger and to the right. Activity up the band appears futher
to the right, until you get about two fifths or so up, at which point it's over the right hand margin of the display.

I'll see if I can get my head around svn and let you know if the latest code is any better.

> > CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/cairo ./configure
> > made it shut up and do it nicely.
> I'll see what I can do to automate that in configure.


-- don

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