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Posted by:crlach
Subject:Intel 5100 agn problem?
Date:04:25:44 02/12/2009

> > I'm trying to monitor RF traffic with an intel 5100 wireless adapter, and I have been struggling with how to get the interface to see 802.11a traffic. I have an AP right next to me broadcasting mixed 802.11a/n. What do I need to do to the kismet.conf file to actually see the network?
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> > I know it could be a driver issue. Do I have to patch something somewhere to allow the card to monitor the 5ghz band? I'm running Backtrack 4, installed to a hard disk partition (not booting from live cd).
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> > The main reason I'm trying to get this up and running is to perform a really basic site survey for a class project, and I CAN set the network to use 802.11b (probably will for the purposes of meeting my deadline) but now my curiosity is getting the better of me. Any suggestions?
> If you're using a modern kismet (2009-x) it should find the 5ghz band automatically.
> If you're using an old kismet (2008-x) you'll need to manually expand the channels to search in the 5ghz band. I suggest you use the modern kismets. :)
> There is no additional config needed to make kismet process 11a (or 11n, though nothing really reports it properly), the card just needs to report the packets (and you need to look on the right channel).
> -m

Thanks heaps. I didn't bother to check which version BT4PF came with, just installed your most recent release and it seems to be working as expected.

I say *seems* because I can now see my network, but its essid is unknown (but it should be broadcasting), and there are apparently no other networks using the 5ghz band in my apartment building (which seems odd, but I suppose it's possible). I'll try out the new installation in a more congested area and see what I can see.

Strike that, everything's working. And, lucky me, there's no competition in the 5Ghz band. Thanks for your help.

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