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Posted by:ilf
Subject:new version can auto crack wep and add wep key
Date:16:24:09 01/12/2009

> $ telnet localhost 2501
> !0 ADDWEPKEY {bssid},{hex key}
> I found the "ADDWEPKEY" command in

Oh cool, SVN commit 2786 from 2009-05-13 sais:

- Fix WEPKEY protocol reporting
- Automatically add WEP key to decryption once it's cracked (PTW)
- Raise a WEPCRACK alert when a key is cracked

From the current README (

Q: Can Kismet crack WEP?
A: Yes, but also, no. The base Kismet code does not do any WEP
cracking, however due to constant requests, there IS an Aircrack-PTW
plugin which will do PASSIVE WEP cracking only. It will NOT do
arp-replay, fragmentation, or other active attacks, however if enough
packets are gathered it will attempt to crack the WEP key and insert
it into Kismet to decrypt that network.
The PTW-WEP cracking plugin is in the Kismet source tree in the
plugin-ptw/ directory.

I guess it's high time to upgrade.

Thanks for the awesome work! :)

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