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Posted by:ilf
Subject:add wepkey while running + debian package
Date:16:13:37 01/12/2009

> There is a network protocol for adding it (something like !0 ADDWEPKEY bssid hexkey) live.

Thanks for the hint. For the rest of the world (and Google), this is how I did it:

$ telnet localhost 2501
!0 ADDWEPKEY {bssid},{hex key}

For the protocol, see section "16. Talking to Kismet" in README.
I found the "ADDWEPKEY" command in

> You should consider upgrading to a modern release though, they're much more flexible and have several wep-assists as plugins.

I would love to upgrade, but unfortunately Debian doesn't have a newer package. A Bug report was filed in June, but nothing happened: :(

How about supplying an "official" Debian package, like does, too?

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