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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Sourcetype,interface,name issues
Date:23:43:08 30/11/2009

> I am currently in the process of installing kismet on ubuntu 9.10 and my current problem is find exactly what the sourcetype and name for my card are. I know the interface is wlan0. I am using a realtek integrated wireless card, it supports monitor mode and I have turned monitor mode on.
> The model # for the card is: WN6300L
> After checking the realtek website The closest thing to a sourcetype I could find was RTL8225
> So if that is the correct Sourcetype then what im looking at now is
> Source=RTL8225,wlan0,name
> I am still missing a name for it.
> My question is how do I find out the correct name for it or if I am just making up my own damn name and moving on.

Making up your own name

> Any light shed on this will be helpful.

You're using code a year out of date, however - 2009-11-R1 just released, and the 2009 releases are FAR simpler to configure, and actually supported. 2008 and previous are considered dead.

You should upgrade to the latest.


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