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Posted by:iluxa
Subject:Let plugins find sources by name
Date:14:44:11 27/11/2009

> > That should have been:
> >
> > The patch is at :)
> I guess? What are you trying to do w/ plugins that you need to find the source by name, there may be a more direct way to accomplish things.
> Generally it'd be good to keep all the source-specific options on the source options line, trying to make things simpler w/out the multiple-reference config lines the old version had.
> -m
I have bunch of drones feeding data into central kismet server. There
data is being processed in a complex way, and each drone has a separate
parameter set (and in some cases two) associated with it.

This is very specific to my app and my setup, so adding this to generic
ncsource command line makes no sense.

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