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Posted by:reddiepenguin
Subject:Kismet & Password Capturing
Date:20:38:08 25/11/2009

> > I must be missing something important, because I disabled channelhop by setting it to false and I also put Ch 6 in for "source" so that it goes only on 6.
> >
> > It seems to capture passwords well and can somewhat pick up the "Directory Listing" that Apache gives, but it never seems to capture the moment passwords are given, and I'm 100% not using any type of encryption.
> Maybe your drivers suck and don't report all packages.
> Kismet doesn't do any sort of filtering, so unless the packets are not being reported by the drivers, or are mangled beyond being identifiable as 802.11, they'll show up.
> -m

I will have to look in to it, I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 with b43, which seems to work in Kismet fairly well.

I will have to keep on playing around with it to see what's going on, but like you said, it should be seeing the said packets.

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