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Posted by:reddiepenguin
Subject:N810 timing out after 3 hours with newer 2009 version
Date:04:16:37 23/11/2009

I found a deb file that contains a fairly new 2009 SVN version of Kismet and it all seems to work well, except for some reason once it gets up to 3 hours+ it just seems to completely stop receiving packets of any kind.

I had it working overnight not too long again.

I used what dragorn stated in the forums, to use fcs=true,validatefcs=true, but after the 3 hrs + it normally stops working.

Got it to work overnight once but can't repeat results now for some reason.

Anyone here currently have the N810 and have it working properly? Searching Google just offers various people contradicting often. I've tried Google for hours now (not in a row but over about 2 weeks).

EDIT: I found out Kismet can't be restarts and the whole device seems to need to be rebooted.

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