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Posted by:DarkWarior
Subject:Fatal error when running kismet
Date:22:35:08 16/11/2009

> > > Excuseme Dragon I have the latest version istalled.. and I download all what was need all the the development packages and headers, usually called foo-dev or
> > > foo-devel and still get that message... does it has solution???
> >
> > Is it possible that you have two versions installed? One with apt and the other self compiled.
> > The output is definitly from the old kismet.
> Dragon... how can I remove all of them and reinstall the new version, just like in the Readme from the download packet that I have??
> Regards

I'm not Dragon, but I'll throw some help in.

To remove the version downloaded by apt, simply do sudo apt-get remove kismet. If you compiled one yourself, the act of recompiling and installing should over write that version. Otherwise, my system shows:
kismet: /usr/src/kismet/kismet.spec /usr/local/bin/kismet /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf /usr/local/lib/kismet
so remove those directories if your is the same.

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