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Posted by:pchristy
Subject:LibUSB vesion problem?
Date:20:30:34 15/11/2009

> 0.1.12 should co-exist with 1.0.0, and distros will have to support both for applications to function for a long time. Many don't include 1.0.0 yet, meaning app devs can't force that, but now some aren't including 0.1.12, meaning app devs can't use that, either.
> It's a real mess.
> -m

The compat libraries I have installed are referred to as 0.1_4, but when I look at the config log, it appears to be muttering about 0.1.3 !!!

There aren't any responses up on the Mandriva forum yet. If push comes to shove, I'll just install Slackware! That *always* works! Its just that, for a netbook, Mandriva is so easy..... <sigh!>


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