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Posted by:xtify
Subject:wireless project
Date:21:12:34 08/11/2009

Hey all,

I am a CNS student and my wireless communications project we are doing a wireless network map of the school. This will entail findings of all access points, where the strongest and weakest spots lay and other forth comings.

I have complied and install kismet on my mac running snow leopard 10.6. It works great and everything but came across a plugin issue. Are they installed when kismet is install? or do they have to be installed after ? I have a few other questions regarding this as well.

1. What additional functionality do the plug-ins provide

2. When I start the kismet server I get the following errors when the kismet server starts up thats related to the plugin:

ERROR: Failed to open primary plugin directory (/usr/local/lib/kismet/):
No such file or directory
ERROR: Failed to open user plugin directory (/var/root/.kismet//plugins/):
No such file or directory

I tried to find them and it appears they are non-existent if anyone can help me that would great

Thanks for your time

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