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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Airport Extreme on Snow Leopard
Date:14:47:22 06/11/2009

> Hello!
> There are any new about the airport extreme controls for osx 10.6 snow leopard?
> darwin_wificontrol.m still broken??

Get the latest SVN, there is support for Snow Leopard. HOWEVER, the API wasn't very well documented (as in, not at all), and on MY test systems at least, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't work at all, and sometimes it doesn't work for a while (20-50 seconds) then starts working fine. Others have said it works flawlessly for them.

I'm sure it's tied to the state of the wireless card as otherwise controlled by the system, but I have no information to do more.

When you pull SVN you'll also get plugin support (kismet-ptw, kismet-autowep at the least, the others appear to load but I haven't tested).


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