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Posted by:pleriche
Subject:Dedected plugin sees no traffic
Date:17:01:33 01/11/2009

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> > > Figure out why that is - probably permissions.
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> > It's running suid so perms shouldn't be a problem. No better if I run it under root. More likely the driver is generating an error on the Open method. Any way of increasing the debug level to get an errno?
> Running suid doesn't imply that it's going to open the dect source as root - infact, plugins *can not* run suid and define sources that require root, because then the kismet_capture binary would have to be plugin-aware, and that's way too scary. The only way to have a plugin that requires root privs is to do the whole kismet server as root (ignoring suid options)
> No, there is no way to increase the debug level, unless the plugin has an option (afaik, it does not). You could start editing the source to print better errors on fail though, or the dedected guys might have a better idea.
> -m

OK, I need to raise a ticket on the dedected guys - their Readme says just do make node, but that doesn't do the insmod, so hardly surprising I couldn't open the device. You have to do make load, which makes node then does the insmod. I can now see stuff with the dect_cli tool which I couldn't before. (I now just have one or two little problemettes, like my keyboard method suddenly changed to Greek when I accidentally hit a hotkey, and my Xserver on my Windoze machine is broken. Hey ho - nothing worthwhile is easy.)

Regards - Philip

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