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Posted by:gubgub18
Subject:Intel agn 5100
Date:15:47:32 24/10/2009

> > HI, I am brand new to linux, i literally just installed it yesterday. I have gotten the newest version of kismet installed on ubuntu but whenever I start kismet and start the server is asks for my capture source. I am currently running an intel agn 5100 and i was wondering if anyone could help me find the credentials for it, or how i should set it up. thanks for your help
> Ubuntu only has older versions, you'll need to build the latest kismet from source to get proper support for the intel 5100.
> If you're determined to use the older version, you'll have to follow the quick start guide in the version of the readme for it (not the current one).
> -m
thats actually what i did, i downloaded the newer version from this website and then I installed it in ubuntu and did everything it said on here to compile it. Right now the program itself is running fine but i just need help with the capture source.

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