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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ath5k interface name(&) problem
Date:13:38:20 19/10/2009

> Hi! (Sorry for my english).
> When i tryed dirvers madwifi, it was OK with kismet (source=madwifi_ag,ath0,myname)
> now i have tried drivers ath5k and i have interface name wlan0 and i cant work with kismet
> (source=ath5k_ag,wlan0,myname or source=madwifi_ag,wlan0,myname):

You're using an old version of kismet. Upgrade to the latest. (2009-06-R1 or SVN)

Also, you're telling kismet you have madwifi when you have ath5k? That's not going to work well at all. The errors you pasted are directly the result of that (trying to use wlan0 as a madwifi master interface)


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