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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Issue with Kismet and OSX Snow Leopard
Date:18:25:20 17/10/2009

> > Ok, I got kismet running. BUT it cannot change channels so its functionality is seriously limited. When trying to change the channel this is the error.
> >
> > Please let me know if anyone knows what to do.
> Apple removed channel control via ioctls.
> Don't upgrade to snow leopard, or don't use an OS that arbitrarily changes the API with no backwards compatibility between revisions.

Some initial snow leopard support in SVN, however don't count on it working all the time (or even half the time. Sometimes it starts working after a minute or two of not working.)

The new API from apple has no real docs, no explanations of the errors, no C or C++ interface, and no mechanism to set the interface mode (it can tell you if it supports monitor, but has no way to set monitor. great!)

It'll also throw a TON of warnings on compile - there is no fix, and will be no fix, for this, because Apple decided not to release a compatibility mode for pre-snow leopard, or any other sort of crossover functionality. Don't try to compile with -Werror on OSX. Kismet has to dynamically try to load the CW bundle and manipulate it w/out the benefit of the headers (since they don't exist, and can't exist, when compiling on 10.5)

Can you tell how thrilled I am?


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