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Posted by:Sanity
Subject:Issue with Kismet and OSX Snow Leopard
Date:05:29:22 15/10/2009

Ok, I got kismet running. BUT it cannot change channels so its functionality is seriously limited. When trying to change the channel this is the error.

irelessAttach: IOServiceOpen error: e00002c7 ││
│FATAL: OSX Darwin adapter en1 failed WirelessAttach(): Could not set ││
│ channel ││
│ERROR: Packet source failed to set channel on source 'en1' ││
│INFO: Stopped source 'intel' ││
│INFO: Shutting down plugins... #│
│INFO: Closed pcapdump log file 'Kismet-20091015-01-26-42-1.pcapdump' ││
│ ││

Please let me know if anyone knows what to do.

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