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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:CSV file in newcore
Date:03:20:55 15/10/2009

> Hi All,
> I have looked through a lot of documentation, including the docs included with the SVN release, but I cannot seem to find anything concerning the old CSV file that used to be produced with the older versions of kismet.
> With the older version, following a kismet session, you'd have a nifty CSV file that was neatly arranged to identify what was found in your kismet session. Is there a way to enable this feature? Even when I do the following:
> kismet_server -T csv
> nothing is produced (in this case, nothing at all).
> If not, is there a way to convert the netxml or nettxt to be arranged neatly as in the comma separated values file from the previous (non-newcore) version of Kismet?
> Thanks in advance for your help with this!

CSV was so much hassle to deal with for updates, and has no real method to address things like multiple SSIDs per BSSID (which Kismet now properly tracks).

Your best bet is to convert your processor to use the XML, your second best is to use something like python or ruby to extract the values you need from XML.

Hope that helps, Kismet now properly tracks more things that have a many:many or many:1 relationship which just can't be represented in CSV really.


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