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Posted by:martind1111
Subject:Receiving 802.11N packets on Fedora 11
Date:12:41:11 07/10/2009

I have a lenovo ThinkPad T61p laptop with an IWP4965N chipset that runs under Fedora 11 and that I want to use as a monitoring device. I would like to monitor 802.11N client to access point communication. If I start kismet and lock the 802.11N access point to the appropriate channel, I should start to see the packet count incrementing at the rate the client is sending traffic, but this is not what I am seeing. I don't think this is an issue with kismet, because tcpdump is reporting packets at same rate as kismet. However, I am trying to understand what is going on, whether this is a driver/kernel problem or not. I know that with a Fedora 11 client, I can connect to an 802.11N access point, so this is a bit puzzling. When I try to listen to traffic, I am not seeing all the packets. The only packets I am seeing that are exchanged between the client and the AP are all broadcast packets on port 137 and sometimes an ARP broadcast. Even though I am streaming some traffic on the client, I can't see that traffic for some reason. If I connect my client to another access point on a G-channel instead of an N-channel, I can see all its traffic with kismet and tcpdump. I am wondering why I can't see N-channel end-user traffic using tcpdump or kismet on my Fedora system. Maybe someone from this forum can explain.

I am using kernel and latest stable kismet build kismet-0.0.2008.05.R1-5.fc11.i586.

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