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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Dragorn Great Job on latest - Quick Drone Question
Date:15:52:35 05/10/2009

> I'm not sure what you mean by parent drone, so I'll explain what I'm trying to do to hopefully clarify it.
> Let's say I have 10 drones set up different offices, these drones are named Drone1, Drone2....Drone10 in the servername= 'variable' in kismet_drone.conf.
> These drones all report correctly back to the server sitting in the middle and any detection is currently reported in the server console screen as 'seen by' drone.
> If one of your networks is getting 'probed' it would be very useful to immediately in the console screen identify which Drone and thereby which network, i.e. If it's Drone2 that is detecting the probe I will immediately know which network I should be checking.
> As a further enhancement (and I realise this would be much more complicated) let's use an example of 10 Drones in the circle. If someone does a 'driveby' probe you would be able to see from the order the Drones were 'hit' where the person started the probe and where they ended it.
> I hope this makes sense and gives you a better idea of what would be a great extra feature.

I still don't really understand. It should indicate what interface has seen it (not which drone) because a drone can export multiple interfaces of different types.

If you're trying to see what drone server saw something, at the moment the easiest way would be to just name each drone interface something useful to you - DroneA-Wifi0, etc.

Last time seen is recorded along with the "seen by" record, it should be visible in the netxml and the UI.

There is no way to record interface in the pcap currently. Once NTAR becomes more complete, it may be possible.


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